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FX, Glamour and Old Age Makeup
Hair Effects (Facial hair, balding and shaving effects)
Lab Work
Facial & Body Prosthetics
Life Casts & Dental Casts
Custom Fangs, Teeth & Dental Veneers
Prop Shop
Props and Miniatures
Custom-made Costumes
Costume Armour
Prop Weapons; fantasy & replicas
Character design and development
Theatrical Makeup supplies

Old age is our specialty and passion.
Raven creates aging that is respective of genetic, cultural, medical and environmental factors. Materials are chosen for the type of media as well as the desired effect using latex, foam latex, or silicon prosthetics, or non-prosthetic techniques.

  • Teeth, dentures, veneers
  • Props
  • Miniatures
  • Costume components
  • Prosthetic parts
  • Resin casting
  • Parts replication
  • Location lab available