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Halloween 2009!

This Year's Rogues gallery

It was a joy to help our customers achieve the highest level of costuming and everyone -- young and old -- had a blast!

In addition to supplying costumes and makeup we participated with Spring Street of Newton Merchants in several events

See images of this year's Zombie Crawl here.

Two dimensional stage amakeup applicationskeletal pirate costumedodgeball_franfran teeth custom dental appliance
lless custom beardBluebeard for a Murder mysteryBLuebeard in fron tof our new location A non-player character at teh Murder Mystery

little Nicky's father? newton gets invaded by Zombiesswine flu!pig nose appliance from RAM fxJason as Gambit Bling Dawg! Rental Sean_Reili_Gambit custom costume rental

Special Extrterrestrial rescue team, trooper a clsoe up of the Skined Eye Effect, hand built skin peel with two dimensional makeup around eyeyet another Zombie crawls out of the Blue Iris