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Mr T 1-800-COLLECT

1-800-COLLECT, Mr "T"Splendad

close shot set of pirate commercial long shot of piraste shot on Montauk  point

Slomin's Shield pirate spot, 30FPS, wardrobe, hand props, makeup

totino's really big bump spot

"Really big bump?" for the Totino's X-game spot

"baby" dentures for doll

Six Flags "haunted doll". close shot, eyes and mouth only, superimposed upon doll

the thinker from the Dairy barn commercial

Dairy Barn, LI, 30fps studios "The Thinker" full body makeup.

NY LOTTO, "Rich For Life", age makeup postal carrier, winner.

James Earl Jones Dancing Body Double Weight suit for danccer

James Earl Jones, verizon " Break dance spot weight suit for body double.

two dimensional makeup black eye"fight club" style spot3d Makeup Location build

WWE Street Fight Promo Batiste

Karizan warriorskarizan first officerCain and alien crewthe imp

WWE "Alien Cantina" Promo Spot, Kane and Trish. September, 2001

This job required 17 costumes and makeup designs. All designs had to be original and copyright safe.Crew consisted of four MUAs, one dresser, one props master and one wardrobe mistress.

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