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RAM fx studios offers a wide variety of stock and custom made slip latex, Foam latex and composite appliances for consumer, theatrical, film, LARP and Cosplay.

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Slip latex, is commonly refered to as Balloon latex. The material we use is custom formulated to provide the maximum elongation, softest feel and longest life of any prosthetic on the market. The RAMfx line is available tinted in realistic skin tones; fair, olive and medium ethnic. Additionally individual product can be ordered for any color, including Dark Elf and fantasy colors such as pearls and earth tones.

mask appliance set mask build skull set as ghost rider silicone latex composite

Foam latex, although relatively tough, hot Foam latex will tear easily when removed. I also absorbs remover and oils so it is not ideal for repetitive use. It is however lite, comfortable and moves very well with facial muscles, making it ideal for film and video use. Most MUAs (MakeUp Artists) will color both apliances and skin with airbrush, acrylics or Pax Paint (PAX paint is a mixture of Acrylic emulsion adhesive and Acrylic paints).

Composite, RAMfx makes composite appliances from a variety of materials. big problem with synthetic materals is finding adhesives that actually adhere to the appliance and the skin. Generally, larger appliances and body prosthesis are the only real application for Silicone products. Please see our Pros-mask line