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The Colbert Report: ridiculously large nails

the geologic plaes move roughly at the speed of nails growing!

The Project called for the creation of excessively large nails for a gag about the danger of Plate tectonics. with only enough time to get to the studio before shooting, the nails were built completely on location. Steven Colbert demonstrated the rapid growth of his nails emphasizing the danger in the movement of plate tectonics. quoting " there is no danger due to the constant movement of the geologic plates as they grow roughly the same speed as human nails" Steven then went on to "grind" down his nails to continue the show. The nail gag was pre-taped but much of the grinding and initial set up was done real time in front of the live audience.

The nails themselves were made from strips of plastic carefully shaped and rounded. they later had to be colored to not be glaringly white. Attachment of the nails was achieved via a contact adhesive method using pros-aide made by ADM Tronics and available through our retail division. removal was done using Prosaide remover and a quick (sparingly applied) wipe of vaseline to restore the real nail's sheen.

Mr. Colbert graciously posed for this image

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